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Arpón Software

Arpon PMS

Hotel PMS MR

It has channel manager, cash to manage OTA’S, with direct effect on the Harpoon database

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Arpón POS

Restaurant POS MR

Comandeo Móvil, touch or PC, works for hotels and chain restaurants, as well as for a single restaurant

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Arpón Salones

Banquets MR

Reservations, control of deposits, economic proposal of events, deposits, contract and program of the event

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Arpón Salón


Reservations, management of therapists, therapies, inventories, sales, commissions, historical, medical file

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Arpón Back Office

Back Office MR

Administrative controls for your hotel, restaurant or business; information at the moment for decision making

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Arpón Brain

Arpón Cloud MR

Arpón in real time to control income, sales reports, occupation indicators, rates or average checks

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